Inspired by Collective Intelligence

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In a context of crisis and a competitive market, we believe that technology must make itself available to the human and the efficiency of your organisation. Our mission is to accompany you in the transformation of your company. From its framing to its operational implementation. Flexible but demanding, we use our experience to ensure the success of your projects and the management of the resulting change.

Vision & Strategy

Transformation program, strategic positioning, customer experience, data strategy.

Innovation & Technological watch

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Smart data, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, 360 ° panoramic...

Prototype & Design

Design Thinking, Ux, UI, Dashboarding, Webdesign, Graphic facilitation, 3D

Organisation, Process & Compliance

Organizational transformation, Governance, Coaching, Agility at scale, Change, Continuous delivery, Regulations, Data governance, Gamification

Architecture & Security

Cloud, On-Premise, Cybersecurity, ITasCode, Monitoring, Incident & Crisis Management, Morphological analysis

Development & Automation

Robotic Process automation, DevOps, Business Intelligence, Containerization

UFO²'s approach based on


We align ourselves with the structural, operational and cultural specificities of your organization in order to improve its daily efficiency thanks to targeted solutions and personalized services.
Collective Intelligence

Putting people at the heart of our activities and practices, our methods ensure the emergence of the most relevant ideas within short deadlines. We are convinced that performance is achieved through collective participation in the service of a common goal.

Focused on listening, understanding and Design Thinking, we co-construct with our Clients each stage of a project, from its strategic approach to its delivery. We believe in adopting the best market practices when they are intelligently adapted to your DNA.

Decision-making and operational, agility is part of UFO²'s DNA. Accountability, autonomy, end-user testing, gamification... our Agile working methods promote employee engagement and fun at work.
Impart knowledge

Providing you with added value also means perpetuating our daily relationship. Transmission is a strong value of UFO² which trains, coaches and supports you in the adoption of new working methods and tools with your users.

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Our team is composed by several experienced people in Management, Methods, Marketing, Technologies and Cyber-security.

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